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Il cosmo sul como' - 100'



Il cosmo sul como' - 100'

Movie of Marcello Cesena

The film unfolds in four episodes linked together by bizarre teachings of a master from the East. Tsu 'Nam (Giovanni) and his two disciples (Aldo and Giacomo). Tsu'Nam councils continually bestows wisdom and unlikely as pills usually do prefer the shade of a ginkgo biloba, a massive and legendary leafy plant by ancestral powers. The teaching method of the teacher is very old-fashioned but simple and effective: to achieve "enlightenment" through the use of a knotted bamboo. Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo, with their strange adventures, were the focus of plausible stories, alternating in a sort of carousel that runs curious specimens of the colorful "human species". Once they are friends who share so extravagant the stubborn desire of the fatherhood of one of them, who is undergoing tests to more grotesques but unlikely to achieve his goal, then organize their departure for summer vacation in the company of their relatives with whom they have misconceptions and misunderstandings, trigger unforeseen situations. They have been featured in the life of a naive district, centered around a dilapidated church in the suburbs and his pastor finally become part of the portraits of an art gallery featuring works by renowned artists and transmigrate from one service to another. Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo, telling humorous and surreal happenings of daily life, once again trying to prove that the world is easy to get, maybe it's true “the world might be in hand”.


Date: Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time: At 6:00 pm

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Italian Institute of Culture